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by | Aug 1, 2023

Request for Proposals: AYR Motor Centre Cafe OPERATOR

Deadline: August 11, 2023

The Town of Woodstock has owned the AYR Motor Centre Cafe since 1995. The café lease includes equipment specified and is leased on an annual basis.


· The Lessee and Town will sign a three-year lease starting in August 2023, expiring May 2026 (3-year term).

· The RFP rates you submit are valid until May 1, 2026.

· On January 1 each year, the lease rate will increase by 2%.

· The Town wants to provide the public with more healthy food and beverage options and would like to partner with the Cafe Operator to help make this happen.

· As a healthy eating initiative, the Cafe Operator may not sell energy drinks in the canteen space or in the beverage vending machines.

· A minimum of 3 healthy menu options must be always on the menu during the term of this lease, but more healthy options would be preferred.

· Food from outside restaurants / vendors is permitted in the AMC.

· Sponsored food donated to teams / tournaments is permitted in the AMC, within a meeting space.

· See Schedule A for draft lease.

· Food service to be operational for Special Events, Field House & Swimming Events as well as tournaments and hockey games. (Event schedule to be provided by AYR Master Scheduler).

· Liquor may be sold at Café; Leasee is responsible to purchase the associated licence, care and control of the product and associated staff training.

HOUR of Operation:

Minimum Operational hours:

September 1-May 15

Monday – Friday 3pm-8pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am-8pm

May 16-June 30

Monday – Friday 11pm-5pm

Saturday & Sunday Based on Events & operator

Submit Request for Proposal (RFP) via email to, or email to:

Town of Woodstock

Attn: Laura Gaddas

824 Main Street

Woodstock, NB E7M 2E8

Please contact Kelly Foster Hallett 506-324-5818, to arrange an appointment to view the canteen, so we can make arrangements with the current Lessee.

Deadline to Apply: August 11, 2023



– Rent payable on the 1st of each month

– Duration of lease is August 15, 2023 to May 15, 2026

– A 2% lease increase will occur on January 1 each year

– Requests for Proposals may be advertised every three years

Proposed rate payable during the winter months (August through April)

$_______ + HST per month starting August 15, 2023

Proposed rate payable during summer months (May through July)

$_______ + HST per month starting May 15, 2023


– lease is binding for the entire contract period

– lease may by terminated by either party with a 3-month written notice


– lessee must carry Business Insurance with $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability


– a minimum of 10 menu items and proposed pricing for each, including a minimum of 3 healthy menu options

– proposed hours of operation, including any difference between seasons

– proposed rent amount (see above)

– submit application to the Town office by Friday July 28, 2023


OWNER: ______________________________

CONTACT PH: _______________________


EMAIL: ____________________________

OPERATOR: ______________________________

CONTACT PH: _______________________




FACILITY: AYR Motor Centre, 105 Connell Park Road. Woodstock NB E7M 1M5

LESSEE: _______________________________________________

LESSEE’S BUSINESS NAME: _____________________________________

LESSOR: Town of Woodstock

RENTAL PERIOD: August 15, 2023 to June 30, 2026 (3 years)


$_______ plus HST/monthly from August through April

$_______ plus HST/monthly from May through July



1. Lease must be signed at the start of a new rental period and is binding for the duration of that rental period unless either party terminates the said lease with a three-month written notification.

2. The Lessee must provide a Certificate of Insurance with a two-million-dollar Commercial General Liability limit to the Lessor.

3. The Town of Woodstock will not be responsible for personal injury or damages, or loss of stock due to equipment failure, equipment or personal belongings of any Lessee or anyone attending on invitation of the Lessee. Insurance to cover stock loss is the responsibility of the Lessee.

4. It is the responsibility of the Lessee to comply with any and all regulations that govern Food Service Establishments and provide copies of all documentation to the Town office. The Lessee is required to hold a Food Safety Certificate or be willing to acquire a Food Safety Certificate as required by the Province of New Brunswick as part of the Public Health Act and the Food Premises Regulation 2009-138.

5. The Lessee will not loan, donate or sub-contract the canteen space located in the AMC or the use of any food preparation equipment owned by the Town without the expressed written permission of the Town of Woodstock.

6. All damages to Café property during operational hours of the Lessee shall be the responsibility of the Lessee.

7. All conditions or changes to this contract must be by agreement of both the Town of Woodstock and the Lessee.

8. The Lessee agrees to abide by any agreement and/or contract that the Town enters into with any AMC vendor.

9. All property of the Lessee brought into the Café must be removed upon termination of contract. A list of property owned by the Lessee must be submitted to the AMC Manager and signed by both parties.

10. The Lessee must sign a document indicating receipt of equipment owned by the Town of Woodstock and the status of such equipment (Schedule A).

11. The Lessee is responsible to maintain all equipment leased from the Tow of Woodstock in such condition as received for the duration of the contract.

12. General maintenance of all Town-owned equipment will be the responsibility of the Town and needed repairs and/or replacement should be immediately reported to the AMC Lead Hand of Maintenance, who will then take the necessary steps for repairs. Any breakage or malfunctioning of this equipment due to careless acts, misuse, or lack of maintenance will result in the Lessee replacing the equipment.

13. The Lessee will ensure that the Café’s designated tables are wiped off and the chairs put up when lunch hour at the canteen is over. This will allow the Town’s janitorial staff to properly clean the floor.

14. The Town of Woodstock reserves the right to cancel this contract without notice should there be a breach of the conditions or regulations.

15. Permission will not be granted to any organization for the purposes of selling food products while the Lessee is under contract. Organizations must have the permission of both the Lessee and the Town for the selling of food products.

16. Registration, hospitality and sponsored food and beverage items are to be distributed in Meeting Rooms. The provision of such items must be cleared with the Director of Recreation in advance of the event.

17. The Town and Recreation Department shall encourage users to use the Cafe for meetings and events.

18. It will be the responsibility of the organization or outside vendor to provide any materials necessary for the distribution of food and beverage.

19. The Lessee must always provide a minimum of three (3) healthy menu options on the menu during the term of the lease, but more healthy options would be preferred.

20. Performance drinks (Monsters, Red Bull.) will not be permitted in the beverage vending machine in the lobby or in the Cafe.

28. Any notice herein provided or permitted to be given by any party hereto to one or more of the others shall be sufficiently given if delivered by hand or sent by telecopy to the following addresses:

(a) To Lessor at:

Town of Woodstock

824 Main Street

Woodstock, NB E7M 2E8

Phone: (506) 325-4600

Attention: CAO/Clerk

(b) To Lessee at:




29. Any such notice, demand, request or consent shall be conclusively deemed to have been given or made on the day on which such notice, demand, request or consent is delivered, faxed or emailed, if a business day, and if not then on the next business day.

30. Any party may at any time give notice in writing to the others of any change of address of the party giving such notice and the address specified therein shall be deemed to be the address of such party at which notice is to be given hereunder.

I certify that I have read and understood the conditions and regulations of this Agreement and agree to conform to them and be strictly bound thereby.

Dated on


in the presence of: )



Witness ) Per: Mayor



) Per: CAO/Clerk

) <Operator Company>



Witness ) Per: <Name>

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