Carleton County Animal Shelter hosts Christmas event for first time since 2019

by | Dec 6, 2023

Holiday fundraiser provides needed support for no-kill shelter in Debec

Close to 40 dogs and a few feline friends posed happily — or on occasion reluctantly — in front of the Christmas fireplace backdrop for a 2023 Festive Pet Photo on Saturday, Dec. 2, as the Carleton County Animal Shelter fundraiser returned to Woodstock’s holiday schedule.

“This is the first time since 2019,” said CCAS board member Joanne Reid as she took down the names of owners and pets participating in the event at Shur-Gain Feeds’ n Needs in Woodstock.

Reid said all donations raised at the event would support the animal shelter in Debec.

She said the no-kill shelter needs the support as it remains filled close to maximum levels as rescued and abandoned pets await adoption.

Reid said more than 50 cats, including 18 kittens, and several dogs currently call the shelter home.

She said the shelter depends on continuing community support, noting the recent annual Furball Dinner and Auction raised more than $11,000 in shelter support.

The Carleton County Animal Shelter, as a non-profit charitable organization with no ongoing government support, depends almost entirely on donations and fundraising events to cover its more than $100,000 in operating expenses.

Reid said area residents, organizations and businesses can support the shelter in several ways, including donations, purchase of tickets for its weekly 50-50 draw, or volunteering.

“We always need people to volunteer at the shelter,” she said.

The Shur-Gain Feeds’ n Needs store came alive Saturday morning with the sound of excited dogs as they waited to pose for photos taken by Leighla Jane Photography.

While the few cats who came to model for the camera were quieter, they proved a little more independent when asked to take a pose.

Reid thanked Feeds’ n Needs for hosting the event again and the many pet owners who supported the photo shoot and the shelter.

While feline models can be finicky, this furry guy looked straight into the camera of the Leigha Jane Photography photographer. (Jim Dumville photo)
A noble shepherd strikes a pose with long ears perked at the Festive Pet Photo event on Saturday, Dec. 2. (Jim Dumville photo)
This furry fellow decided the wicker stool was a perfect place to relax, not pose. (Jim Dumville photo)

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