Christa McCartney announces candidacy for Woodstock Ward 4 council seat

by | Oct 4, 2022

Woodstock businesswoman Christa McCartney announced her plans to seek one of four Woodstock Ward 4 (current town boundaries) council seats in the upcoming Nov 28 municipal election.

McCartney announced her plans in the statement as follows:

“As a small business owner, I know the town has much to offer. A business perspective on council is important to support economic development in a successful, vibrant community. I’ll advocate shop-local while bringing new businesses, activities, and experiences. We must balance progress and growth while preserving the community and heritage we enjoy today.

“I intend to promote and attract tourism to our area by investing in infrastructure, roads, water, and regional beautification, foster neighbourhood strength, involvement and continuous improvement is a priority. This will enhance the quality of life and create a community we are proud to call our own and invite others to share.

“My volunteer experience with Chimo Helpline, Communities in Bloom, and local presentations at schools, libraries and senior clubs on health, nutrition and well-being have been rewarding. It has shown me the diversity of what a healthy and engaged population can achieve.

“Five years ago, when I opened my store, it was and remains today, my focus to support a vibrant and heartfelt experience. My husband and I moved back to where we were raised so our son could benefit from the family, natural surroundings and supportive atmosphere that helped shape us.

“I will be actively involved with creating more social and recreational activities within the area. With the goal of future generations continuing to flourish, investing in the long-term planning and development of our town is paramount.
“I look forward to listening to my fellow residents and understanding their concerns.”

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