Council concerned with actions of off-road vehicle riders 

by | Aug 17, 2023

Council concerned with actions of off-road vehicle riders Millville councillor suggests speeding and travel along prohibited streets threatens off-road bylaw

At the same meeting where council made a motion allowing off-road vehicle riders limited access to prohibited town streets to participate in the Festival on the Bend parade, some councillors raised concerns about ATVers’ misuse of town streets. 

The motion, granted under provisions in the Off-Road Vehicle Act, will allow ATV Mudrunners Club members to participate in the parade. 

While welcoming the ATV club’s participation in town events, Coun. Robert Simpson expressed concern about the actions of some ATV riders in town. He said he often sees ATVs speeding on portions of Route 105 and other streets and roads prohibited to off-road-vehicle usage.

A bylaw passed last year by the former Nackawic council granted ATV riders the use of parts of Route 105 and Otis Drive. Simpson and other councillors noted some users ignore the agreement prohibiting the use of most streets and roads, including Landegger Drive. 

Councillors also noted seeing riders speeding, driving without helmets and other illegal acts. 

Simpson acknowledged that rule-breakers do not reflect most off-road operators, but he believes off-road organizations play a role in addressing the issue. He said the misuse could put the current bylaw and agreements at risk. 

Council passed his motion to send a letter to the ATV Mudrunners Club and Quad N.B., with a copy to the Department of Public Safety, outlining the rural community’s concerns.

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