Demo derby delivers another OHW highlight

by | Aug 9, 2023

Fans fill the grandstand and side hill to watch the festival favourite

The steady growl of motors shrieked across the ordinarily calm Woodstock Racing Track on Aug. 5, heralding the return of the beloved annual Richard Sharpe Memorial Demo Derby.

The event began with the Kids Power Wheel Derby, a new addition to the derby where children drove toy cars with attached balloons. The participants emulated the derby action by attempting to pop other children’s balloons with their vehicles.

The show also included Tuff Trucks, where a truck went around a small obstacle course filled with mud and a few jumps.

In the main event, traditionally one of Old Home Week’s most popular, drivers competed in the Rear Wheel Drive, Front Wheel Drive, Mini Van and Truck Class, first shown during last year’s derby.

The Derby is further split into a series of heats for each category except for the Truck Class, which only had one round.

Before the derby began, Bradley Adams’s car 79 was named the Prettiest Car Honours winner.

Many action-packed hits filled the derby, but a few highlights were when car 88 flipped on its side after being hit during the second Mini Van Heat and when car 97 ran aground a mound of dirt.

Number 88 made it to the Mini Van final, setting up a father-son showdown with Number 64.

Also noteworthy is when car 2018 bellowed smoke and nearly caught on fire.

Prettiest Car: Bradley Adams

Most Aggressive: Josh Hathaway

Rear Wheel Drive Class

1. Alex Pickard

2. Jim Bradley

3. Caleb McQuade

Front Wheel Drive Class

1. Nick Sharpe

2. Raymond Chase

3. Wesley Cheshire

Mini Van/SUV Class

1. Jamis Hartley

2. John Hartley Sr.

3. Zack White

Truck Class

1st/2nd place tie: Kyle Watson and Dana Smith

3rd: Trey Goodine

Tuff Trucks

1. Bobby Clark

2. Doug Pearson

For road conditions, click the map

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