Extreme heat warning in effect for Carleton and York Counties

by | Aug 4, 2022

Extreme heat warning in effect for Carleton and York Counties

Environment Canada is warning of extreme heat for central, southern, and western New Brunswick including Carleton and York Counties.

A period of hot and humid weather with highs reaching 32 and humidex values between 36 to 40 is expected over the next four days through to Sunday. Cooler temperatures are expected in coastal areas.

High humidity will bring little relief in the overnight hours as lows are only expected to dip to 18 degrees. 
Extreme heat affects everyone.

Watch for the effects of heat illness: swelling, rash, cramps, fainting, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and the worsening of some health conditions.

Drink plenty of water even before you feel thirsty and stay in a cool place. Never leave people or pets inside a parked vehicle.
Outdoor workers should take regularly scheduled breaks in a cool place. People most vulnerable and at risk of health effects related to extreme heat are:  Young children and older adults, the homeless and socially isolated, people with chronic health conditions, and those using certain medications.

New Brunswickers are reminded to take the following actions to prevent heat illness during any level of heat alert:
Drink plenty of cool fluids, especially water, before feeling thirsty.
Wear lightweight, loose-fitting and light-coloured clothing.
Keep the sun out with curtains or blinds.
Plan outdoor activities around cooler parts of the day.
Avoid exposure to the sun.
Never leave someone or a pet in your car inside a parked car.
Spend a few hours in a cool place such as a shaded park.
Frequently check in with vulnerable family members or neighbours to make sure they are coping well.
Avoid using the stove for cooking a meal.
Take cool showers or baths until refreshed. Use your air conditioner if you have one.
Make arrangements to spend time or sleep in a cooler place.
Sprinkle clothing with water.
Splash cool water on your face and the back of neck.

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