Hartland Council News: Policing update, municipality recruiting staff

by | Jan 29, 2024

The following items of business were discussed at the Jan. 16, 2024, meeting of the Hartland council:

CAO gives policing update

Hartland CAO Rob Webber advised the council that the Police Review Committee of Carleton North and Hartland still needs to hear from Public Safety Minister Kris Austin regarding its proposal for a municipal police force.  

“We hoped to hear by the end of the year,” Webber said. “That didn’t happen.”

The committee, with representatives from both Carleton North and Hartland, presented Minister Austin with a detailed plan to replace the RCMP with a regional police service. 

Webber said some are speculating the municipalities may hear back by the end of the first quarter.

“We’re in a holding pattern; the ball is in the province’s court,” said Webber. 

He said the Police Review Committee has suspended further meetings until it receives a response from Minister Austin.

Central Carleton Community Complex update

Webber provided the council with an update on the construction of the Central Carleton Community Complex. 

He advised that the building is now closed in with windows and some doors, the heating system has been installed, and more materials are on order. 

“The estimated opening is August or September before hockey season, Webber said. “We would really like to start the [hockey] season in the new building.” 

The new community complex will include a hockey rink, a community room, an exercise room, a conference room, a canteen, a large lobby, and a walking track around the arena. 

Webber shared that there are plans to use the arena for other activities outside of hockey season, such as basketball, pickleball, and other sports. 

“We plan to make it a year-round, multi-use facility.” 

CAO offers an update on Belleterre Development

Development Specialist Michelle Derrah is working with Blair Martin of Belleterre Properties to develop a 20-unit apartment building to provide affordable housing. 

The building will be located close to the new Central Carleton Community Complex.

“We’re currently working with the Regional Service Commission, engineers and developers to work on sewer and street orientation,” explained CAO Webber. 

He advised that the town has applied for multiple funding programs and is currently waiting for responses. 

Webber said the town of Hartland has a high number of jobs in the area, given the population. 

“There’s a tremendous number of people that work in this area,” said Webber, crediting the number of local industries. 

He said the town believes that this and other planned developments will help increase growth opportunities for the area. 

“Build it, and they will come,” quipped Webber.

Town recruiting additional staff

Webber said Hartland is attempting to fill two staff positions — a Recreation Manager and a Water Operations Specialist. 

He advised that it is hard to get a water specialist as they require extensive training. However, it is a requirement that every town and municipality have at least one. 

While the town of Hartland already has one Water Specialist, they would like to have a second hired to ensure that in case someone is away, moves or unavailable for some reason, there would be no gap in service. 

He said the jobs have been posted on www.indeed.com.

The town needs recreation adjustment

The existing Hartland Arena is scheduled for demolition beginning in April. 

Since the process is expected to take two to three months, the town will need to make temporary adjustments to how and where specific spring and summer programming, such as Fun Park, is delivered. 

CAO Rob Webber explained announcements regarding any changes will be made before the end of the first quarter.

CAO proposes committee-of-council meetings

Webber advised that per the recommendation of Brenda Knight, the town will be moving to a “Committee as a Whole” format for the second Council meeting each month. 

He said this model is practiced by many other municipalities in the province, including Moncton and Fredericton. 

Webber said this method reduces the numerous meetings otherwise necessary for individual committees. 

“This format enables you to funnel all issues the individual committees address into one meeting, with councillors present for discussion,” said Webber. The meetings will be open to the public as usual. However, motions will not be presented.

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