Hunter Brothers’ Corn Maze pays homage to two Canadian music icons

by | Sep 5, 2023

Carleton County’s annual traditional corn maze and ‘Field of Fun’ will be open every weekend and holiday Monday from Sept. 9 to Oct. 29

The Hunter Brothers’ much-anticipated corn maze in Florenceville-Bristol will pay tribute to a pair of Canadian musical icons this year.

In a press release, the brothers announced its 23rd annual corn maze will pay homage to Gordon Lightfoot, who died on May 1, and the 40th anniversary of the passing of Stan Rogers.

Like millions of other Canadians this spring, Chip and Tom Hunter were saddened to hear of the passing of Canadian music legend Lightfoot.

A tribute to the man considered one of the world’s greatest singers and songwriters seemed immediately appropriate for the Hunter Brothers Farm and Market annual maze.

The brothers explained that when deciding the theme of their annual corn maze, they adhere to three criteria: an anniversary or celebration, a Canadian connection, and a great image that will resonate with people.

Although Lightfoot lived a long and productive life, the brothers noted that 2023 also marks the 40th anniversary of the tragic death of Rogers, a folk singer and songwriter whose life was cut short at 33.

“In this year’s maze design, we chose to feature the faces of these two legends,” explained Chip Hunter. “Although many of our past corn mazes have featured sports teams and athletes, in 2014, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ Canadian tour and, the following year, our maze portrayed Canada’s hero, Terry Fox.”

The brothers noted the significant impact of Lightfoot’s and Rogers’ music on their lives.

They explained how Lightfoot’s ‘The Canadian Railroad Trilogy,” describing the “iron road runnin’ from the sea to the sea,” connected their Atlantic Canadian family members with those on the Prairies.

Chip Hunter explained his special connection to Rogers’ song ‘The Field Behind the Plow.’

He recalls bundling up his son behind the tractor seat as a toddler, where Leigh would literally watch the field as his father plowed.

“Our graphic designer placed Stan Rogers’ image on the left and Gordon Lightfoot’s on the right side with the years of their lifespan below. We’re thrilled with the final image”, Tom Hunter explained. “This year has been a perfect growing year for corn. We planted the maze a little later than normal, but it’s tall, green, and very healthy. During the heatwave in July, we could almost watch it grow.”

The giant maze includes 10 multiple-choice questions hidden throughout the pathways, all of which will remind visitors of the remarkable songs Lightfoot and Rogers gave Canada and the world.

The corn maze and Hunter Brothers’ Field of Fun is open every weekend and holiday Monday from Sept. 9 until Oct. 29.

For more information, visit their website at or their Facebook page,

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