Nackawic-Millville council weighing radar equipment for traffic control

by | Dec 5, 2023

Town studying best option to collect data along Landegger Drive and Route 105

Nackawic-Millville council passed a motion at its Nov. 23 meeting to purchase radar equipment to collect traffic data along Landegger Drive, Route 105 and potentially other streets and roads to improve safety.

Coun. Katie Nozzolillo, who chairs the ad hoc committee studying speeding and road safety, shared a quote from North Line Canada for two radar options for council to consider.

Nackawic-Millville formed the ad-hoc committee to consider options to slow traffic on Landegger Drive and Route 105, where the two streets intersect.

During the summer, the committee reported to council, suggesting several options for slowing traffic on Landegger, including potential traffic-calming options such as speed bumps, additional stop signs, a raised median or narrowing the street with on-street parking.

The committee decided any traffic-calming option that council recommended would require accurate data. It also suggested buying its own data-collection equipment would serve the rural community over the long term.

North Line Canada provided quotes for two radar options — The Black Cat at $7,043 or the Fox at $4,122.

Nozzolillo explained that both systems collect date- and time-stamped data identifying traffic levels, speeding, dangerous driving, and other information that it downloads to a computer system or mobile app.

She explained the more expensive Black Cat system provides data on the types of vehicles.

Nozzolillo explained the systems don’t have cameras nor electronic boards posting speed rates to passing motorists.

During the discussion, some council members questioned whether the Black Cat would identify an ATV or Quad, thus providing data on the illegal use of Landegger and other streets by off-road riders.

Coun. Robert Simpson, who, along with Coun. Colin Trail, sits on the ad-hoc committee, moved a motion to recommend purchasing the system that staff recommends provides the best value after it studies the options.

Simpson explained the systems are not designed to identify drivers operating illegally on the street to present to the RCMP. However, he noted that it would provide valuable data the RCMP could use to plan its coverage of the streets.

For road conditions, click the map

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