Nackawic-Millville seeks provincial highway funds for improvements to Routes 104, 105

by | Oct 17, 2023

Council sets sights on money for turning lanes in Nackawic and new paving in Millville

The Nackawic-Millville Rural Community Council will seek provincial funding to improve safety along Route 105 in Nackawic and new pavement along Route 104 in Millville. 

At the Oct. 4 regular meeting, council approved an application for funding for 2025 and 2026 under the newly named Provincial-Municipal Highway Partnership Program four-year plan, formerly called the designated highway program. 

Nackawic-Millville’s proposed project for 2025 requests $1.5 million to “design and install left-hand turn lanes at two separate locations on Route 105.”

CAO Kathryn Clark explained the application, if approved, would see the left-turn lanes installed at Campbell Settlement Road and Clearview Court. 

The funding report presented to the council outlines the importance of the proposed turn lanes for the safety of motorists travelling Route 105, a heavily travelled provincially designated highway. 

“These two locations are extremely dangerous for motorists to stop and wait to turn left as the area preceding Campbell Settlement Road is rounding a turn at the beginning of a decline, and a second area is further down the hill.” the report explained. “Route 105 has heavy truck traffic due to hauling to the mill, and trucks are unable to slow down and come to a complete stop for a motorist waiting to make a left-hand turn onto Campbell Settlement Road or Clearview Court.”

The request notes many “close calls” at these intersections. 

The funding report noted significant upgrades, such as widening the highway, excavation of ditches and the requirement of engineering. 

“Without a survey and conceptual design, it is challenging to accurately estimate the scope of excavation and ditching required for this part of the project,” the report stated. “To accommodate this, 20 per cent contingency has been added to the estimate.”

The project along Route 104 in Millville, targeted at $1.8 million for 2026, calls for the milling and asphalt paving over a three-kilometre stretch of highway. 

It described the section of Route 104 as in “poor condition and requires rehabilitation.” 

Deputy Mayor Greg MacFarlane, who chaired the Oct. 3 meeting in the absence of Mayor Tim Fox, welcomed the recommendation.

“This is great for Millville,” he said. 

CAO Kathryn Clark said the rural community’s share of the project’s cost remains to be determined. She told the River Valley Sun the Provincial-Municipal Highway Partnership Program calls for rural communities to pay between five to 15 per cent of the project’s total cost. 

Safety along Route 105 also came to council’s attention in the form of a draft letter to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure asking it to reduce the speed limits of a section of the highway from 70 km/hr to 60. 

The letter notes the section of Route 105 between Smythe Lane and Pinder Road will see significant residential growth in the future, creating a danger for pedestrians, including children. 

Noting the stretch of road is already a residential area, Coun. Katie Nozzolillo questioned why not request a 50 km/hr speed limit. 

While council agreed speed limits should be reduced, some noted they must consider the truck traffic heading to the AV Nackawic Mill, which needs to generate enough speed to climb the hill. 

Coun. Errol Graham said the residential area in question stretches beyond the Smythe to Pinder section as far as Mariners Point Campground and the old Nackawic town limits. 

Council agreed with Graham’s suggestion to request a speed limit reduction to 60 km/hr “all the way” from the bridge to the campground. 

For road conditions, click the map

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