New Brunswick Liberals elect their first female leader;, August 6, 2022

by | Aug 6, 2022

New Brunswick Liberals elect their first female leader; Susan Holt squeaks by candidate T.J. Harvey to win on third ballot

Susan Holt made history when she was elected leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party on Saturday, Aug. 6 in Fredericton.
Holt won on the third ballot, capturing 51.67 per cent of the vote. Former Tobique-Mactaqauc MP T.J. Harvey lead on the first two ballots, but in the end came a close second, losing by a mere 38 votes on the third ballot.

The leadership election was done through preferential balloting. Over the last seven days, party members who signed up to vote for the leadership voted using a ranking system, marking their first, second, third and fourth choices for leader. A candidate required 50 per cent of the vote to win.

In the first round, Harvey lead the group with 33.9 per cent, Holt had 32.12 per cent, Gauvin had 19.76 per cent, and Arseneault had 14.22. During the second tally, Harvey had 39.58, and Holt had 36.76.

Holt will now lead the provincial Liberals into the next election against Premier Blaine Higgs and the Progressive Conservatives.
During the lead-up to today’s vote, Holt said healthcare and improving the government’s carbon footprint were the key features of her platform.

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