No sign, no problem

by | Nov 24, 2023

Young woman sees a need and works to fill it; makes grandfather proud

Submitted by Dwayne Hatfield

Several times after travelling the Knowlesville Road, near Glassville, our little granddaughter Hannah-Jo asked if we had any family laid to rest in a quaint little cemetery on this sparsely travelled road, which had no sign hanging at the entrance. Still, we told her we weren’t sure.

We walked through the grounds one day, reading the names on those old headstones, and found that there might be a family connection. Then, on another of our trips, a lady with family in her car from out of province stopped us and asked if we knew where the old Armond Cemetery was located.

Since there was no sign, we were unsure, but we asked her to follow us to the little cemetery on the hill, and fortunately, she found her family’s plots.
As we drove away, our granddaughter said, “I need Papa to help me. This special place needs a sign.”

Her grandparents, Pam and Dwayne Hatfield, made a few phone calls and connected with Mr. Wayne Long, who helps care for the cemetery and has family members buried there.

Mr. Long provided the cemetery’s name and the approximate beginning date from so long ago. He permitted us to create and place a sign for all to know where this quiet place of rest is named and located for the remains of those many Irish Immigrants who settled in this country almost one and a half centuries ago.

With this knowledge, Hannah-Jo Hatfield chose the style, design and wording. On Nov. 4, 2023, she, with a bit of help from “Papa,” proudly placed the sign on the entry to the cemetery to honour those early settlers whose final resting place is Armond, N.B.

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