Plaster Rock prepares for World Pond Hockey

by | Oct 13, 2023

All proceeds are to be donated to the local community

When World Pond Hockey started in 2002, President Danny Braun thought it would amount to nothing more than a small fundraiser for the Plaster Rock arena.

With only 40 teams competing in the games then, there was no reason to think otherwise.

But over time, due to the hard work of Braun and the people of Plaster Rock, it has become an internationally recognized event.

Some of the highlights of its history include then Prime Minister Steven Harper dropping the first game puck in 2007 and in 2016 when Wayne Gretzky made an appearance.

Plans for the February 2024 tournament prepare for approximately 115 teams competing from across the world.

Each team will pay $800 to participate in the competition, with all proceeds being donated to various community causes.

Money from the event “has bought gym equipment for schools, built boat landings, and helped the golf course with repairs they had to make,” says Braun.

Profits from World Pond Hockey have also been donated to various municipal buildings throughout the village of Plaster Rock.

With approximately 600 people expected to attend, the event will also considerably boost the local hospitality industry during the off-season.

Outside Plaster Rock, Perth-Andover and Grand Falls hotels are also expected to see many visitors.

Some residents are also renting out their homes during the games to individual players or whole teams.

All teams will play five games during the tournament, with a champion being crowned at the end.

The event will take place in February, with an exact date to be decided.

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