Six-time Guinness Book of World Record holder for returns home

by | Aug 15, 2022

Frisbee Rob has a busy schedule during his hometown visit, including a demonstration before the RCMP Musical Ride

In high school, learning how to throw a frisbee changed a Woodstock man’s life trajectory. Just because disc sports weren’t popular locally did not prevent him from pursuing his passions.

Rob McLeod graduated from Woodstock High School in 2000. A passionate athlete, he was involved in hockey, soccer, golf, figure skating, and track and field – but disc sports became his new love.

While disc sports, like Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf, hadn’t yet caught on in popularity in the area, McLeod went to school at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. At a campus of 40,000, he found more opportunities compared to growing up in a town of 5,000 people.

Today “Frisbee Rob” is a motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador living in Calgary, Alberta. He currently holds six Guinness World Records, 13 World Championships and the Canadian Distance Record. He has appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records, the 2015 Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Reality Shock! Book and the 2014 Maclean’s Canada Day edition.

He has also created a children’s book titled The Davy Rule. To date, he has spoken at over 400 schools. His Frisbee world records led to his speaking opportunities, and today that is his primary job.

McLeod’s work and passion have allowed him to travel all over North America, Ireland, China, Mexico, Sweden, Poland, the UK, Israel and France.
McLeod is visiting home for the first time since the onset of COVID, and he is keeping busy. He attended the Rotary Club on Monday to discuss the benefits of promoting disc golf in the area. It is currently set up around the high school but not used frequently.

On Tuesday, Aug. 16, McLeod will perform with the Skydiggers Disc Dog Club members at the RCMP Musical Ride, starting at 6 p.m. The pre-show starts at 5:30 p.m., with the ride slated to begin around 7:30 p.m.

He will be offering disc throwing clinics in Fredericton on Wednesday and Friday. On Thursday morning, he will visit Woodstock Childcare Incorporated. In the afternoon, he will be at the Andrew and Laura McCain Library in Florenceville, promoting physical literacy with a local gymnastics club. McLeod will have discs for sale at all of his events. The cost is $10.

Frisbee Rob has performed at football halftime shows. He is best known for his CFL halftime show performance with Sailor, a Border Whippet, in October 2021, when they went endzone-to-endzone in front of 21,000 fans. The YouTube video went viral, now with almost 300 million views.
McLeod also competes in individual events. He recently competed at the World Overall Flying Disc Championships in San Diego, California, where he defended his gold medal in Self-Caught Flight for his sixth consecutive title.

“Sports and activity are so important,” explained McLeod.

He talked about the impact movement and exercise can have in benefitting mental health. He lost his mother as a young man.

“Disc sports helped me through the grieving process,” said McLeod. “It was through keeping active that I could maintain a good state of mind. This is one reason why I would love to see disc sports played more often here.”

McLeod said that more existing activity options are better for the town and its youth.

“Disc Golf is a low-impact sport, and it’s very affordable,” he said. “Team sports are great, but the goal is to have more options for activity on the table. Sports keep kids out of trouble.”

When McLeod talks to schools, he encourages the students to “find your thing.” “If your thing isn’t popular in a small town, then you will have to do some recruiting, or you will have to relocate,” he said. “Go where you need to, wherever makes you happy. If you are happy here at home, stay here. Do what brings you joy.”

During his time in Woodstock, McLeod hopes to inspire kids to try new things, be active and have fun. He said it’s great to be able to come home and see family after a long stretch without travel.

“I want to give back and have an impact. Where you are from isn’t something that needs to hold you back. The rising tide lifts all boats.”
To learn more about Frisbee Rob, his adventures and exploits, visit

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