UPDATE: Fireworks, not gunshots, in downtown Woodstock

by | Dec 3, 2023

Investigation dismisses reports of shots fired in Chapel Street area

The Woodstock Police Force released a statement on Saturday, Dec. 2, updating its previous day’s release of suspected gunshots in Woodstock’s downtown area. 

Saturday’s release said investigation officers determined the reported sounds were fireworks, not gunshots. 

On Friday, Dec. 1, the Woodstock Police Force released a statement addressing an incident where officers responded to reports of shots fired from an SUV on Chapel Street.

“After a comprehensive investigation, the Woodstock Police have conclusively established that the sounds reported by witnesses were, in fact, the result of fireworks rather than gunshots,” Deputy Chief Mark Bennett said in a release late Saturday afternoon. 

The statement thanked the public for reporting the incident and working with police to resolve it.  

“The Woodstock Police Force extend their gratitude to the public for promptly reporting the incident, contributing significantly to the resolution of the matter,” Saturday’s statement said. “The safety of our residents remains our top priority, and through collaborative efforts with our community members and police partners, we strive to create a secure environment for everyone in the Town of Woodstock.”

Saturday’s statement updated Friday’s report that Woodstock police were investigating reports of possible gunshots. 

Following the reports from several witnesses, the WPF statement on Friday reported that patrol officers and members of the WPF’s Street Crime and Integrated Enforcement Units responded to a firearm-related complaint near Chapel Street in Woodstock.

“Numerous witnesses described hearing two loud bangs, which they believed were gunshots and stated they appeared to come from a beige SUV,” the statement explained. “The vehicle fled at a high rate of speed and was last seen heading north on Chapel Street.”

The original statement included a computerized photo of an SUV but offered no details. 

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