Woodstock enjoys another great Ribfest

by | Jun 27, 2024

Organizers say 2024 event a success despite rain on day three

From June 21 to 23, Woodstock hosted its eighth annual Ribfest. People around the community came out to enjoy food and live music with family and friends, helping to raise money for three cancer support groups.

The funds raised throughout the weekend will be divided between the John T. McMillan Jr. Memorial Foundation, the River Valley Cancer Support Group, and the Living Beyond Cancer Peer Support Group.

Woodstock Ribfest volunteer and River Valley Cancer Support Group team member Kookie Sewell said she was pleased with the donations received as people entered the Connell Park Raceway, where the event was held.

Woodstock Ribfest organizers Scott Dunlop and Andrew Garnett are overwhelmed by the community’s generosity. (Paige Morgan photo)

“One of my favourite parts is the people because they are very generous with their donations,” said Sewell.

Andrew Garnett is one of Ribfest’s main organizers. He said the community is very generous with its support.

“We live in an area that is extremely generous, and not just with the donations, but the 50/50 draw and supporting local vendors,” said Garnett.

Scott Dunlop is an organizer and Garnett’s Ribfest partner. He believes one of the main reasons people come to Ribfest each year is its support of cancer support groups.

Fat Boys Barbecue staff is hard at work preparing orders. (Paige Morgan photo)

“The fact that so many people are affected by cancer, they like to give back and help those in need,” said Dunlop.

Award-winning and fan-favourites Fat Boys Barbecue and Mississippi Smokehouse fed a record amount of people. Lines for the two vendors reached back to the picnic table area. They were just some of the vendors who saw success. By Saturday, vendors Ketchup and Bite Me already saw record crowds.

“It’s good, we had a good night last night, and hopefully, we have a better one tonight,” said Samual Oakes, a member of the Ketchup and Bite Me food-truck staff.

This year is Ketchup and Bite Me’s sixth time attending Ribfest. Oakes says the people are the reason they come back every year.

Live music draws in crowds to make Ribfest an even better time. (Paige Morgan photo)

“We like the people, the people are awesome, and just the atmosphere, people come and support it, it’s a good weekend,” said Oakes.

Not only was there good food to be had at the event, but the weekend was full of live music from returning artists like Alpine John, Double D, The Martin Boys, and first-time Ribfest performers like duo Jess Warman and Jordan Gowryluk, and the band Spirit and Seven.

Long-time Ribfest attendee Dylan Bartlett says the live music is one of the best parts of the weekend.

” I love the live music, it’s a good venue to have in Woodstock,” said Bartlett.

Parents are overjoyed to see their kids have a fun time outside at the Rotary Kids Zone. (Paige Morgan photo)

Adults weren’t the only ones having fun throughout the weekend. Children could play in the Rotary Kids Zone, which had various bouncy castles to occupy the little ones.

Parents are also fond of the Rotary Kids Zone.

“I like the outdoor activities for the children, so my kids can go and have some fun outside while I also get to listen to live music,” said Kate Roy.

Organizers will have a final fundraising total and present donation cheques to the three organizations in the coming weeks.

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