UPDATE: Violent encounter at Woodstock Tim Hortons leads to police chase through Upper Valley

by | Jan 26, 2024

The 30-year-old faces numerous charges following a pursuit from Woodstock to Tobique to Plaster Rock and Perth-Andover

Police arrested a 30-year-old Woodstock man following a series of incidents, including assaulting police officers and a wild chase through the Upper St. John River Valley. 

Western Valley Region RCMP Sgt. Dan Sharpe confirmed the incident began at Tim Hortons on Connell Street in Woodstock. 

In a media release late Thursday afternoon, July 25, the RCMP said members of the Western Valley Region RCMP received a request for assistance from the Woodstock Police Force at approximately 7 p.m. on Jan. 22. 

The RCMP said the request concerned a 30-year-old man, wanted by police on five outstanding warrants, who was heading towards Perth-Andover.

Sharpe said police located the man in the passenger seat of a vehicle outside the Tim Hortons. The RCMP attempted to contain the vehicle. 

The man then threatened the driver with a weapon, encouraging him to flee. 

Police gained entry to the vehicle and attempted to remove the 30-year-old man, who grabbed a knife and tried to stab the officers. 

The RCMP said two officers sustained minor injuries during the incident. 

Sharpe said the officers drew their firearms but refrained from shooting around the busy coffee shop, and to avoid injury to the vehicle’s driver.

When the driver exited the vehicle, the suspect got into the driver’s seat and fled.

Police immediately pursued the vehicle. 

Sharpe said the pursuit, often at high speed, travelled north through the Upper Valley to Tobique, Plaster Rock and back to Perth-Andover, where it ended with police taking the suspect into custody. 

Sharpe said the pursuing officers stayed with the fleeing vehicle, attempting to use spike belts to end the chase. 

He explained spike belts require the right circumstances to avoid severe injuries to the suspect or other members of the public. 

Sharpe said an RCMP “risk monitor” closely observed the pursuit and monitored traffic levels. He would call off the chase if the risk to the public became a concern. 

He said the RCMP used its police dog services and drone operators in its efforts to apprehend the suspect. 

Sharpe said the suspect eventually abandoned his vehicle on a dead-end street in Perth-Andover and continued on foot. Police captured him with the help of police service dogs and arrested him without further incident. 

“He had some minor injuries, but nothing which required going to a hospital,” said Sharpe. 

After the arrest, police searched the vehicle and seized quantities of stolen mail, as well as weapons.

Shayne Cameron was in court on Jan. 24 to face several charges, including two counts of assault on a police officer with a weapon, robbery, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, possession of stolen property over $5,000, theft of mail under $5,000, assault with a weapon, flight from police, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, resisting or obstructing a police officer and breach of a release order. 

The court remanded Cameron into custody and scheduled him to appear in Woodstock Provincial Court later.

Sharpe noted the significance of finding stolen mail during the vehicle search, saying mail theft is an ongoing issue in the region. 

He said mail thieves time their crimes to coincide with the delivery of government cheques. 

Sharpe explained the development of online banking makes it easier to cash stolen cheques. He said the thieves set up fake bank accounts to cash the cheques without any requirement to enter a bank. 

Sharpe said the incident remains under police investigation. 

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