Woodstock native Robert McLeod featured in 2024 Guinness World Record Book

by | Sep 25, 2023

‘Frisbee Rob’ recognized for impressive athletic record

A self-proclaimed “Frisbee Ambassador,” former Woodstock resident Robert McLeod has won fourteen world championships and holds thirteen Guinness World Records for canine Frisbee. 

The popular world-record reference book now documents his impressive accomplishments and awards in this year’s annual publication.

McLeod’s athletic history goes back to his days as a youth at Woodstock High School, where he was voted Athlete of the Year in Grade 12. In his youth, McLeod played hockey, soccer, rugby, and track and field. 

“Track and field was really helpful and beneficial for frisbee,” said McLeod. “I did both shot and discus.”

After high school, McLeod bought a frisbee, taught himself to throw, and fell in love with the sport. He eventually went on to play Ultimate Frisbee, disc golf, canine Frisbee, as well as other disciplines. 

McLeod said the first throw he made for canine Frisbee, he broke a world record. 

“It really opened my eyes, and I thought, “‘Whoa! I could do more with this!'” 

From there, what started as a fun hobby became an athletic career that has taken him worldwide, including China, Mexico, Ireland, Israel, France, Poland, Sweden, Hungary, and England. 

“All for Frisbee,” said McLeod incredulously, as if he could hardly believe it himself.

McLeod’s first official Guinness World Record came in 2012 for the longest catch by a dog – at an impressive 402 feet. 

Several more records followed over the years, with those accomplishments published in the 2014 and 2015 Guinness World Record books. 

The newly released 2024 edition features McLeod for the third time. This time includes six world records, including the longest time aloft for a catch by a dog, longest throw and catch of a flying disc while wearing inline skates, longest throw and catch of a mini flying disc while wearing ice skates, longest flying disc time aloft while on ice skates, longest throw and catch while on ice skates, and farthest mini disc throw caught by a dog.

McLeod noted this is the first time his entry in the book has included a photo of himself and his canine partner, an eight-year-old Border Whippet named Sailor. McLeod’s friend, Lara Sorensen, is Sailor’s owner and trainer. McLeod and Sailor have been competing together since 2019.

Despite his impressive competitive record, McLeod said that Frisbee remains his hobby rather than his career. 

“I love competing, but getting paid for it takes away the joy.” 

Instead, McLeod now makes his living as an inspirational speaker and Frisbee instructor. He travels to schools – so far, over 500 schools spread across Canada and the U.S. – and teaches Frisbee techniques. 

“I try to teach the students to give their best effort, always, but I focus on trying to do their best, not be the best,” said McLeod. 

Sometimes, a student will throw his mantra back at him, asking, “But aren’t you trying to be the best?” To which McLeod always replies, “No. I am only trying to do my personal best.” 

The 2024 Guinness Book of World Records is now on sale and can be purchased at any bookstore or online through Amazon.

black dog looking up at a flying frisbee
Robert McLeod’s sidekick, Sailor, an eight-year-old Border Whippet, gets ready to catch a Frisbee during a CFL half-time show in Calgary. (Angela Burger/Calgary Stampeders)

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