Woodstock police officers welcome Vancouver colleague on remarkable cross-country trek

by | Jun 27, 2024

WPF, RCMP escort cyclist Sgt. Dayne Campbell as he continues his 7,000-kilometre Cops for Cancer cycling tour

On Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23, police officers serving Woodstock and western New Brunswick rolled out the welcome mat for Vancouver Police Department colleague Sgt. Dayne Campbell. 

In a media release on June 24, Woodstock Police Force Deputy Chief Mark Bennett said members of his force, along with officers from Western Valley RCMP, “had the honour” of hosting Campbell in Woodstock as he continues to cycle across Canada as part of his personal Cops for Cancer campaign.  

Quoting the Vancouver Police Foundation web page, Bennett outlined Campbell’s background, long-term commitment to raising funds for cancer research and his remarkable coast-to-coast cycling journey. 

“Sergeant Campbell, a husband, father of two, and long-time VPD member, is a dedicated participant in the Canadian Cancer Society’s Cops for Cancer Program,” the foundation website explained. “In 2023, Dayne celebrated his 15th year participating in Cops for Cancer Tour de Coast. During that time, he has cycled over 12,000 kilometers, personally raised over $140,000, worked with community connections to raise almost $700,000, and, as a member of the Tour De Coast Team, can proudly say they have raised over $5 million in support of pediatric cancer research and Camp Goodtimes.” 

Campbell’s profile recounted how the dedicated police officer’s commitment to cancer fundraising hit extra close to home. 

“Until recently, Dayne’s only connection to children’s cancer was limited to those he met through the Cops for Cancer program,” the foundation profile explained. “But in late 2023, Dayne’s personal connection to pediatric cancer changed dramatically and sadly forever when his own teenage daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called myxoid liposarcoma.”

The foundation explained Campbell embarked on an action plan to raise even more awareness and funds for pediatric cancer. 

“Recognizing his passion and skill for cycling, plus his existing relationship with Cops for Cancer, Dayne decided to embark on a cross-country, 7,000-km cycling tour to raise both awareness and money for children battling cancer,” the foundation explained.

Campbell left Vancouver on May 6 for an unsupported, solo, self-funded cycling journey across Canada. 

Hitting the road on a journey which takes most riders three months, Campbell set a goal to complete the trip in 60 days. 

Bennett said Woodstock Police Force and Western Valley RCMP members welcomed Campbell for an overnight stay in Woodstock.  

“Members of the Woodstock Police Force and the RCMP were privileged to escort Sgt. Campbell into Woodstock on Saturday, where he spent the night,” said Bennett. “They then escorted him to Fredericton as he continued his journey.”

The public can support Campbell’s ride and fundraising by donating online at the Canadian Cancer Society’s Cops for Cancer. 

Donations to Dayne’s Ride Across Canada can be made at Tour de Coast 2024: Dayne’s Ride Across Canada – Canadian Cancer Society

According to the donation page, Campbell has already surpassed his state goal of $50,000 by raising $53,242. The Vancouver police officer hopes to see the total continue to grow in the ongoing fight against pediatric cancer.  

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