Woodstock residents lose summer’s double waste collection service

by | Jun 3, 2024

Ward 4 will no longer see regular waste collected on recycling pickup day

Woodstock Ward 4 residents will lose a special waste-collection service they enjoyed over the past two summers.

At the April 30 council meeting, Mayor Trina Jones announced that the new waste-collection agreement recently signed to cover all Woodstock wards will end the collection of regular garbage on recycling day for all residents in Ward 4, which encompasses the old town limits.

“For Ward 4, we are unable to continue with the extra waste pickup week over the summer months,” Jones explained.

Until the recent agreement with J.S. Bellis covering all five wards, Ward 4, encompassing the former town of Woodstock, operated under a separate contract from Wards 1, 2, 3, and 5.

The previous Ward 4 agreement included a provision for collecting regular garbage during the one week per month it collected recycling during June, July and August.  

When announcing the changes, the mayor explained the council is working with the service provider and the Western Valley Regional Service Commission to revamp waste collection throughout all wards.

She said the town will soon issue a bulletin informing all Woodstock residents of pending changes to waste collection. In the May Woodstock e-Newsletter, the discontinuation of the extra summer collection was not mentioned.

The previous Woodstock council introduced the extra garbage collection on recycling days during the summer in response to multiple complaints about the stench from garbage bins as they sat in the hot summer weather for two weeks before collection.

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