Woodstock’s new municipal and active transportation plans coming soon

by | Aug 15, 2023

Survey results show residents want better housing and transportation options, more recreation facilities, improved streets, sidewalks and trails

Woodstock’s new municipal and active transportation plans coming soon

By Jim Dumville, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Stephen Stone of Dillon Consulting offered an update on completing a new municipal plan and an active transportation vision during an address to council at the July 25 meeting.

He said the plans would incorporate information garnered through online surveys and public meetings to inform the process to prepare, amend, and adopt the plans.

Stone outlined some information about residents’ satisfaction, concerns and views on land use gained from the surveys.

He said the survey showed increased dissatisfaction with housing availability and affordability, with residents wanting more housing types and options.

He said the survey shows a need for enhanced recreation services, programs, and community improvement to attract more commercial services and amenities.

Stone said his firm hopes to have Municipal Plan amendments available for the last council meeting in August and zoning bylaw amendments in September.

He explained those amendments would require public meetings and several opportunities for general feedback.

He said the consultant’s review and survey results surrounding Active Transportation issues show Connell Road and downtown are significant destinations for residents and visitors. \

Stone said the online survey determined 25 per cent of respondents said they use their car because of need, not choice.

He said respondents want the town to address the safety and security of the current transportation system, including the accessibility of sidewalks and trails.

He noted potholes and unevenness make both difficult to navigate for many users.

Stone added that for residents where a personal vehicle is not an option, transportation costs, including taxis, are “far too expensive” for many.

He said studies must look for other options, including the feasibility of a bus loop to connect downtown to Connell Road’s big box stores.

He said survey themes for Ward 4, the former town, outlined residents’ desire for more crosswalks, improved safety and bike lanes.

Stone said concerns in the former LSDs focused on road improvements and better maintenance.

He said many survey respondents raised concern about motorized vehicles on NB Trail and ATV riders travelling too fast through town,

For road conditions, click the map

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